This post was originally titled ‘Untitled’. As I was typing it out and adding a new part, I figured out a name. This post is about remembering the tiny moments with that one person who brightens your day, even if they don’t know it.  I’m going to put this spoken word poem thing under a cut since it is kind of long. 

Remember the days where all we talked about was running away to New York or L.A.?
Planning how we would support ourselves day by day, you playing your guitar, singing so sweetly; me working somewhere so neatly.
Then we’d go back to out cute little apartment, say goodnight, then depart.
As I would spend my nights wishing I was with you in the next room over, praying you would stick your head through the crack in my door, and softly whisper, “Hey, I can’t sleep, will you scoot over?”
My heart explodes as you quietly climb under the sheets; close, but not too close, just toes lightly brushing toes.

Remember the night you asked if we could hide a dog beneath your desk? I said, “Of course, yes.”
Because then it would be our secret, a tiny little dog, ours to keep it safe, fed, and warm. I would do my darndest to keep you both safe from harm.
Because you and that dog and our dream runaway is a thought that keeps me sane somedays. The days I’m stressed and miss you, that one daydream keeps me going and hoping that one day, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to be with you.

Remember the night you asked me to stay? I was all packed up, ready to walk away.
But instead I decided to stay, and we talked and listened to music as the hours ticked away.
As I left, you said, “Thank you.” I smiled as I left, called over my shoulder, “Anytime for you.”

…remember that dance, the moment I knew? That I don’t want to miss a thing with you.
Believe it or not, you’re a star, and you’re going to go places, near and far.

I hope I still know you when you achieve your dreams; it will be beautiful to behold, just like your soul.
Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Who knows what the future holds?

All I know is that I want to hold you until we both grow old.


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