Lessons I've Learned

Every Teen Cliché

I’m pretty sure I’m in love with my best friend. Which is great and all, but he doesn’t know.

I also have a boyfriend.

That isn’t him.

And so begins every teen romance book that involves a confused girl stuck between her boyfriend (who she loves, but not the same) and her best friend.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my boyfriend and he’s wonderful and everything, but there’s just something different about my best friend and how we act. I feel like I’m more relaxed around him than my boyfriend some days. Which then makes me feel like I’m not worthy of either of them and I feel bad.

It probably doesn’t help that 2 days after I decide that me and my best friend won’t date anytime soon because of reasons beyond my control, my current boyfriend confesses that he likes me and asks me out. And I said yes. Because it’s easier to get over someone if you have someone else to like too, right?

That’s what I thought. But then school started back and ‘m with my best friend all the time, he’s always hanging out in my room and vice versa; meanwhile, my boyfriend is in another town. I never cheated on my boyfriend, but the he was still worried that I still liked my best friend (cause he knew I liked my best friend by the way I talked about him). Which I have been denying. But the thought in my head is, “I think I might be in love with my best friend, which is totally a thing that cannot happen right now because of reasons.”

And then he just randomly stops by all the time, just to say hi, or just to come and sit and avoid going to his room because he has said he likes it better in our room then up in his room. Which I (obviously) do not have a problem with, most of the time. And it always turns into this talking and laughing event where nothing gets done, but I love it. Nothing is better. It makes my day when he stops by and talks, even if it is for a short amount of time. Not to mention that on days where I really don’t want to deal with people, he’s the only one I want to see, and when I do, my mood completely turns around.

Long story short: I’m not really sure what to do. I guess only time will tell.


Modern Fairy Tale

For a class assignment, I had to rewrite a fairy tale and make it modern. This is the result. 

The Price to Be a Star

            Today was the day. The day Sarah was going to become a star. She felt it inside of her, though she did not look spectacular. In fact, she looked quite ordinary. Mousy reddish-brown hair, tons of freckles, eyes that did not know what color they wanted to be, tall, slightly muscular frame; all in all, Sarah was actually quite average. Today was going to change that.

Sarah sits in class, hiding the fact she’s constantly checking her iPhone waiting for a message from her dad saying she got a part in the latest Pepsi commercial. Seeing as it will air nationally during the Superbowl next year, it’s a big deal. She can’t pay attention to the teacher when her breakthrough into the acting world is on the line! Soon she’ll be too famous to be in boring public school anyways. She’ll have her own tutor, stylist, manager and everything!


            The message reads: You got the part. Meet me at In-N-Out in half an hour. Love, Dad

            Whoever’s phone that was, shut it off! Unless someone is dying of course, then you’re excused from class” the teacher, Mr. Snuffles, exclaims in annoyance.

“Sorry Mr. Snuffles, that was just my future telling me I got the part in the Pepsi commercial!” Sarah exclaims while jumping up and doing a happy dance.

“Yeah, yeah. If it’s important, leave. If not, sit back down and continuing learning. You know, that thing you’re supposed to be doing while you’re here, not checking your phones, seeing who is dating whom on the Facebook now. It’s not interesting. Now then, back to computational analysis.”

Sarah quickly gathers her things and walks out of the classroom and the school without once glancing back. Well, maybe she does spare a glance for the cute boy, Mike, in the physics class down the hall, but that’s it. Once in her old beat up Volkswagen beetle, she takes a deep breath. This is really happening, she thinks to herself.


            She arrives at In-N-Out about five minutes early, so she decides to check her phone to make sure she hasn’t missed anything too important. Nope, nothing. Weird. Her friends are normally texting her the most mundane things about their lives, like what they had for breakfast, who their crush of the minute is, everything.

Her dad shows up on time, like he always does. They go inside and order and her dad fills her in on the specifics of the commercial job.

“You’re going to have to be on set for at least two days straight and be able to keep up appearances you’ve done this before and you’re not some random girl who just got extremely lucky. Act like you know what you’re doing. Make up past experience if you have to; just make sure it’s believable. Nothing they can go and check for to see if you’re telling the truth. Got it?”

“Yes sir. I’m so excited!”

They finish their lunch and her dad hands her directions to the film lot and sends Sarah off with a hug and best wishes, and a slight threat to stick with the plan, or else she won’t be let back into the house.


            Sarah arrives on set an hour later, Starbucks in hand. Hey, if she’s about to become famous, she can splurge on a fancy Starbucks coffee, can’t she? Once there, she is immediately approached by a swarm of people, fussing about her being late, her hair, her diet (apparently Starbucks isn’t allowed), and everything else under the sun. Sarah is swept off to an old room that looks like it hasn’t been used in a decade or longer. She is told to wait there while they go fetch the director.

While waiting, Sarah suddenly realizes she has no idea how to act convincingly and knows she cannot keep up this façade that she has experience in the field. Sitting on the rusty, moldy cot, Sarah bursts into tears, realizing she had given up everything for nothing.

Suddenly, the door opened and a boy, slightly older than she, slid into the room, shutting the door quietly behind him. Looking around and spotting Sarah, he says, “Good afternoon, miss. Why are you crying?”

“I’ve had a revelation I cannot act, I’m here on a fluke, and my father set all of this up to help me achieve my dreams and I’m going to fail him!” cries out Sarah.

“What will you give me,” the boy questions, “if I can coach you to become a fabulous actress?”

“How about,” Sarah questions, “my iPhone?”

“That works! Now, let’s get to work…” the boy says as he grabs her iPhone, and begins to coach Sarah to become a convincing actress.

The next day, Sarah goes on set and performs the commercial for the first time, trying to get the feel for the product and how the director wishes the commercial to be performed. Her first attempt, the director goes mad with glee, Sarah does so well. The director goes off to make a phone call to Sarah’s dad, asking if they could use her in another commercial spot to air nationally on a daily basis. Sarah, meanwhile, is scared to death the director will find out it was a fluke and will not be able to perform under the pressure of a national spot to air for an entire season and not just the Superbowl, and possibly a small speaking role in a major prime time show.

That night, Sarah is left alone on her rickety old cot again, and she burst into tears once again. The boy slipped through the door again while Sarah was crying and asked, “What will you give me if I help you have confidence in yourself?”

Sarah immediately answered, “My Coach purse and Vera Bradley wallet.”

The boy took both of these things, and got to work coaching Sarah in the ways to become self-confident.

The next day, the director became so enthralled by the newfound confidence Sarah displayed, he begged her to become a minor character in his new series he was working on. Sarah requested a night to think on it, and she would get back to him in the morning. That night, Sarah began having doubts about her abilities again, and was back to being scared she and her father would be found out for their scam.

For the third night, the boy came into her room, and asked, “What will you give me if I soothe your fears that you will be found out?”

“I have nothing left to give you,” Sarah replied sadly.

“How about this then? If I help you tonight, promise me when you become rich and famous, credit all of your success to me.”

Like that will happen, Sarah thought to herself. However, she was desperate to become a star, so she agreed to the boy’s deal. Once more, he helped her believe she had all the traits she had shown to the director previously, and even more, making her a triple threat in the industry, meaning she could act, sing, and dance.

The next day, Sarah accepted the director’s offer and the director was so excited they started on the series right away.


            As the years went on, Sarah only went on to become more and more successful. She had been in a few TV shows to start out, but then she rocketed onto the movie screen. A few small roles led way to larger roles, and eventually leading roles. She ended up marrying Mike from the physics class, which was a surprise to all in her famous friend circle that she went for the hometown crush. All the while, in none of the interviews she gave, did she ever credit the mysterious boy from before.

At a dress rehearsal for an awards ceremony, while Sarah was in her dressing room, the boy suddenly appeared behind her in the mirror. He had a simple request, “Mention me in your acceptance speech tonight.”

“No. I’ve gotten so far without you; I don’t need to thank you in any speech I give. It’ll just bring up questions I do not want to give answers to!” Sarah exclaimed. She began to offer every material item to the boy, but he refused all of them. Sarah started crying as she realized she had no way out of it.

“I will give you til tomorrow afternoon, before the awards.” the boy states, “Guess my name before then and I will let you continue your life without asking for anymore credit.”

For the rest of the night, Sarah had all her agents thinking of names for the boy. She asked everyone she knew if they knew the boy of which she spoke, but no one seemed to know him. She kept getting more and more desperate, until a lowly stagehand at the ceremony itself came to her in her dressing room the next morning.

He reported overhearing the boy laughing to himself and saying, “She’ll never guess. My name is far too unique for any of these uppity types to know. How will she ever guess my name is Trystan? She won’t that’s how! I will finally get the acknowledgement I deserve for all these years of her success!”

Sarah thanked the stagehand and told him that he shall fare well in the coming years, and if he ever needed help, she would be grateful to do it.

Later that day, the boy came back and asked, “Now Miss Superstar, what is my name?”

To try to fool him, Sarah guessed, “Is it Robin?”


“Is it Quasimodo?”


“One more try. Is it…Trystan?”

“How did you find out? No one knows my real name, not anyone, it is not possible!” the boy yells in anger at her. Feeling threatened, Sarah called security and had them escort the boy off of the property and requested a restraining order so he may never bother her again. Sarah went on to win many awards and live a peaceful life without Trystan bothering her ever again.

Lessons I've Learned



Have you ever bought something that seemed like nothing, yet when you look back on the circumstances surrounding the purchase, you suddenly find a meaning for it? That happened to me the other day.

The necklace pictured above was bought at the end of my first semester of college. At the time, it was just a cute necklace I found at the local coffee shop while I was there studying for finals. A little Christmas present for myself. I still wear it everyday, and receive lots of compliments on it.

The other day I was with some friends and we were talking about our college experiences so far, and I suddenly realized that my life went up hill soon after I purchased this necklace. I met the wonderful people I am still friends with now, even though I lost contact with a lot of the friends I made first semester because we never made attempts to interact outside of the organization we all met in. However, with the friends I have now, we see each other all the time, and even when we didn’t all live in the same building, I still made the effort to walk across campus and see them, even if it was raining or 9:00 at night.

The point is, the necklace is of a ship’s wheel with an anchor in the middle of it. Ship wheels are used occasionally to show a journey beginning, going out to sea and exploring the world. The anchor representing staying true to your beliefs and morals as you explore this new life and new-found adventure.

Since I began college, I have become more outgoing, doing things I never did in high school. I’m no longer as strict in when I go to bed and do homework; if I want to go out to IHOP at midnight with friends and I’m not too tired, you bet I’m going to go. I’ve broken out of my shell and will act more myself around people, and have accepted that some people may not like me, too bad for them, because I’m a pretty awesome person, if I do say so myself.

Even with all the new freedom, I still stay grounded. I have yet to be pressured into something I didn’t want to do, though people have tried. I still do all my homework and go to bed at a semi-reasonable hour.

I’m still me. Just a shinier version. This ship is going to keep on sailing towards new horizons and discovering new lands and treasures.